Lazy rice

I know it’s hard to tell by all those super personal blog entries attesting to our vigor and diligence, but, surprisingly, the duck and l are indeed pretty lazy (say whaaat?!). Once our all-encompassing laziness is joined by a slight feeling of hunger the duck and I are a lost cause. Let me correct that: we were a lost cause until we found our new recipe for ultimate laziness: furikake, a.k.a. the perfect seasoning for your favorite kind of rice (or other non-sprinkle-resistant food).

Rice duckThose little magical packages were our savior for those evenings when we just couldn’t be bothered to prepare something to eat that took longer than five minutes (and we didn’t feel particularly fussy about eating just rice for dinner). Since almost all furnished Japanese places come with a rice cooker – those nifty blocks of grain-transformative wizardry – this is one of the easiest foods you can possibly prepare if you’re lazy like us… provided, of course, that, from a previous bout of non-laziness, you still have a portion of cooked rice in the freezer that you can pop in the microwave for a few minutes (I can’t believe the duck and I didn’t know the cling film trick before coming to Japan: if you cook a big portion of rice, let it cool, portion it out, wrap those portions with heat- and cold-resistant cling film and finally store them in a freezer bag inside your freezer; you can live a life of ultimate laziness afterward – and your rice doesn’t lose any moisture when you reheat it). Add some of the rice seasoning of your choosing (the duck and I love plum flavor) and voilà: you have a lazy dinner to complement your lazy evening.
So, why are we telling you this? Well, if you ever see any of those little packets of seasoning in your local supermarket or Asian grocery store, give them a try 😉

This shall be the end of our lazy post about how our lazy selves make lazy food.

Until next ti