Snacks: Cake in Schogetten shape

This summer is hot. Whenever the duck and I think about chocolate in summer, we usually imagine it chilled and devoid of cocoa solids (like the mango and passion fruit-flavored white chocolate Ritter Sport variety we reviewed two summers ago). Lemon Cupcake chocolateSo, when we saw the new line of limited edition Schogetten, called Caketime, it was easy to choose which one to review. Strawberry Cheesecake sounded delicious, but milk chocolate with a strawberry and cream cheese filling was too similar to the Konnichiwa chocolate we reviewed recently. The duck and I liked the idea of Mocha Tart until we realized that the mocha and cocoa cookie filling was enveloped by (not) dark (enough) chocolate, which would likely disappoint our subjective taste buds. Lemon Cupcake, the variety we chose to go with, sports a lemon-flavored skimmed milk yogurt filling with shortbread chunks covered in white chocolate with a thin milk chocolate bottom (like the pistachio Schogetten we tried last year). In hopes that we had found our new favorite snack, the duck and I paid full price for our chosen chocolaty confection and prepared for another successful subjective summer sweet survey: Continue reading

Snacks: Peanut butter Schogetten?!

The other day, when the duck and I went on our weekly grocery shop and did our routine special offer bin check, we did not expect much. But then we saw it – the chocolate that had the potential to change our lives; it was sitting there telling us: “Let’s go,” let’s turn around our lives, let’s embrace everything that might come our way, let’s be optimistic! Or, to put it less dramatically, we saw that there was a new kind of peanut butter chocolate that had not yet met our tummies: the Limited Edition Schogetten “LET’S GO” Sweet’N’Salty. Schogetten is one of the most popular German chocolate brands. Same as Milka and Ritter Sport you can find them at most grocery stores. What we like about Schogetten is that you can easily pretend that you want to share them as they come in individual pieces – no breaking off required. Like Milka and Ritter Sport they have lots of different flavors to choose from and sport Duck-102the kind of base chocolate that we like: smooth, not oily, and not too many weird ingredients, just a few. Schogetten usually come in 100g boxes. I guess the duck and I lucked out with the 150g box we found!
There also were two other ‘LET’S GO‘ varieties in the bin: “Tutti Frutti” with white chocolate, peaches, and passion fruit (“no thanks” to fruity chocolate) and Nuts in Dark” with dark chocolate and roasted hazelnut pieces (booooring). The peanut butter and salty cookie pieces variety was the only one that managed to reach our hearts and made us, in turn, reach out and carefully place a box in our shopping cart (that we had to learn to navigate in the past few weeks, due to the new “use a shopping cart to keep your distance” policies in most grocery stores – usually we’re basket types… and cases? Who knows). Peanut butter can do that to us. I still remember that time I wanted to cut back on sugar and processed food and found myself eating a huge jar of unsweetened peanut butter in just a few days. I don’t think eating a salad and then half a jar of peanut butter counts as “eating healthy (and in moderation)”. But it definitely counts as ‘eating delicious’ and that is exactly what we were hoping for with our newest grocery store acquisition:

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