How Japan can heal YOU

During my high school days I loved to watch Monk, partly because I could somehow sympathize with the protagonist, especially with his wariness of personal contact (because, to be honest, I’m like this sometimes, too). However, Tokyo healed me in no time. Here, when you touch your IC card to enter the train platform you don’t only pay for being transported from A to B, you’re also automatically signing up to be a human pillow. I consider my first longer train ride alone my probationary period: this lady, obviously exhausted from extensive shopping in Shinjuku, tried my pillow qualities and, apparently, I passed. Success! Maybe that is my purpose in life? I should start (who am I trying to fool? continue) binging on all that Japanese candy – for self-improvement, of course! My train-acquaintances want to be comfy.
So, if you’re struggling with being uncomfortable when strange people get too close to you – Sentient Down Pillowtry Japanese public transportation for a few weeks before thinking that you’re a lost cause!

P.S.: No photo this time. I do not want to turn into the Subway Photographer… However, the duck’s down pillow qualities had to be captured in some way!