Exploring Mt. Takao in summer

As outdoor freaks living in Tokyo, naturally the duck and I had to explore Mt. Takao, Tokyo’s resident mountain located far out in the west of the metropolis, three times. During our last visit (at least for a while) we were smart enough to take the cable car up so that we could enjoy all the amazing sights on the second half of trail 1 leading up to the top of the mountain and all the ones that we missed on the way down. Because the duck and I are super lazy these days, this post is only going to be a selection of photos with impressions from our trip in May. Ta-dah:

Maybe, if we ever beat our laziness, you’ll even get to see a little video from our Mt. Takao climbing tour back in spring during our semi-(because of the allergies) beloved cherry blossom season. Who knows?

P.S. You know the duck and I are not actually outdoor freaks, right?
P.P.S. We are aware that May is technically not summer. But the change of seasons seems to be rather fluid in Japan and it very much felt like summer, so…