But what is this all about?

The Duck The duck and I like to travel. Well, we’re actually pretty lazy but we like living in different places and exploring new things.
Right now we’re in Berlin. And before that we were in Tokyo; there are just SO many things that we discover in our daily lives that we just can’t keep to ourselves. So, we made a blog… that pretty much is a rambly collection of little things we want to share with all those who deem themselves brave enough to rummage through our woolly thoughts in hope of finding this one useful piece of information. It will be out there somewhere if you just believe hard enough. Until then, just try not to get too confused by our sense of humor, our close to painful puns (and all those digressions that make it hard to figure out where we left off – but nothing beats a good challenge, right?). We believe in you!

…or maybe you’re just crazy, too. We’re not judging!