Tachikawa afternoon

It’s been a while! Well, the duck and I have been working on a mini-project for the past few days. On Sunday, I went on a little trip to Tachikawa to meet some friends and explore the area. The duck has been bugging me about making a duck-travel-video-journal for a while now, so I grabbed my camera (and the duck) and took them along. Unfortunately, I was so absent-minded that I forgot to bring spare batteries for my camera so that the battery’s untimely death meant not a lot of material to work with. However, the duck insisted that I still work with the little footage I had gotten in those couple of hours. And a lot of work it was! A few (and by that, I mean A LOT) Avid crashes and hours of frustration later, we finally got some sort of product out of our shaky little video recordings:

It’s all a bit rough around the edges but it was good practice (especially in patience!) so that in a few years’ time, you will definitely be able to see our masterpieces in cinemas near you (haha, duck, you’re hilarious)!

Stay tuned for more (maybe)!

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