Snacks: Sweet potato chips

(Yes! More food!) Let me tell you about the duck and my love for sweet potatoes (and autumn food in general); we are pretty sure that sweet potatoes have descended from the heavens to become precious diamonds of the earth to help man- and duckkind make peace with the thought of an impending grey and icy winter. Sweet potato duckBecause of that it should come to no surprise that we had to try the infamous sweet potato chips that you can find pretty much everywhere, mostly in the more popular stick-form giving them a beautiful appearance that reminds of crunchy orange-colored fries.

Just imagine our excitement when the wonderful Ay arrived with two big bags of sweet potato chips and sticks a week after she had told us about them. Keep reading for the duck and my honest thoughts on our sweet-potato-y snacksperience:

Our sugar-coated truth

First of all, let me explain what this radiant orange snack more or less is: sweet potato chips with a sugar glazing. Because of that, this review is pretty much representative of the duck and my personal tastes, rather than the quality of the product (which is, as with most foods we tried in Japan, impeccable).

Oh, so sweet
Well, since the duck and I did not really know what to expect when we had first heard about them, we were a bit surprised when we tried our first sweet potato chip; of course we expected it to be sweet, like a sweet potato, but we were not prepared for the sugar glazing that gives it an enormous sweetness bonus. The glazing also adds an extra crunch that somewhat helps you slow down as you’re eating, at least us it did. Our favorite part was that, because they are made of real sweet potatoes, not all chips had the exact same taste (because, of course, all potatoes are different and some are more different than others)!
The duck and I love sweet potatoes, but we’re not huge fans of hard candy, so this, being a combination of both, took a bit from our general love for sweet potatoes. If it weren’t for the glaze, the chips would be a solid five ducks, but because of their sweetness and candied qualities that, to be honest, weirded us out a little, we were initially thinking about deducting 1-2 ducks. I think the main problem was that, contrary to our expectations, the chips turned out to be a sweet treat rather than a savory snack, but, (despite our deep love for pretzels, the king of savory snacks) the more we ate of them, the more we actually did not mind. Therefore, we’ll award them 4/5 very personal ducks!

Sweet potato rating

This has been a very late (No! slightly early) taste test of one of our (despite the glazing that needs some getting used to) favorite autumn foods that, in the duck and my defense, you can pretty much buy all-year-round. We highly recommend picking up a little pack and trying them yourself if you ever have the chance. Now, go on and continue your super sweet summer (or whichever season you are reading this in)!

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