Our happy place

In the past few months the duck and I have been trying to work on a thing, but we’ve been encountering some a lot of frustrating technical difficulties. That’s why we’ve been spending a lot of time going to our happy place recently. Today we thought we’d share a glimpse of said place with you: photos from a mountain admiration trip to Oberstdorf that we went on before it was cool to wear masks in Germany.

Duck in Oberstdorf 1


Duck in Oberstdorf 2Duck in Oberstdorf 3Duck in Oberstdorf4

Duck in Oberstdorf 5


Duck in Oberstdorf 6


Duck in Oberstdorf 7
Well, I’m not sure if it’s Oberstdorf that’s or happy place, or maybe rather thinking back at a time of little worry and much relaxation (despite the physical strain we put on our lazy, untrained bodies). Also, it was much cooler back then, on top of those mountains, than it is now. Oh, how we miss air conditioning!

Do you have any favorite trips you love to look back on?

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