Walpurgis duck

Tonight is Walpurgis Night, a night that, while it’s named after and celebrated Saint Walpurga in the Middle Ages, is commonly linked with the imagery of witches having big celebrations on Brocken, the highest mountain in Northern Germany. Some Germans like to gather and dance around a big fire on the night of April 30th. Centuries ago, this tradition was said to banish evil spirits. These days, it’s mainly seen as a fun activity to greet the month of May. The duck’s favorite local custom is dressing up as a witch, as you might on Halloween, to gather with other like-minded makeshift magicians for a walk around the neighborhood. Since the duck has neither participated in nor personally observed this particular practice – and should definitely refrain from changing that this year! – I decided to create a virtual experience instead. And, because we’re generous, we’ll share with you our very own duck Walpurgis night witch costume dress-up doll set 🙂
Walpurgis duck kit

If you were a witch or warlock what kind of clothing would you wear and what would your black cat friend’s name be?

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