Day 24: Considerations in a Christmas tree

Today is the day the duck and I decorate our fake Christmas tree with lots of ornaments that are not pickles. Today is also the last day of our insane experiment of writing one post for every day of the German Advent calendar (if we weren’t so stubborn we would probably have given up 23 days ago). Since I still haven’t fully defeated my cold that presented you a fun but somewhat confused video pitch for Pie Hard yesterday, and since you probably have lots of Christmas preparations to occupy yourself with, the duck and I will keep this one short.Looking into futureIn this photo the duck seems to be dreaming about Christmas dinner (which I will not be cooking today – I’m sorry Frau Müller). Or maybe this is just another instance of a Christmas market daydream. Surely, the duck isn’t dreaming of napping under a Christmas tree while sitting in one… Who knows?
While the duck is relaxing after doing nothing, I will be busy wrapping questionably adequate Christmas presents (I think the duck might be the recipient of that colorful tea candle holder we crafted earlier this month. What’s better than one duck? Right, two ducks!) and thinking about all the foods I will eat tonight. Instead of making our own mulled wine the duck and I will just sip on Glühwein flavored tea with honey. I will also try to eat as many of those almost burnt Christmas cookies from last week’s batch as I can – not being able to taste much is a great advantage here. For the rest of the evening the duck and I will probably play board games (what are your favorites?), eat some more and internally celebrate not having to set an alarm for tomorrow. Nothing beats being able to sleep in on Christmas!
What are your plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Christmas Eve duckWhatever they are – the duck and I wish you wonderful and relaxed holidays and thank you for reading one or the other Advent calendar blog post of ours. It was fun sharing our Christmas musings with you, but now it’s time to take a break from all that writing and drawing and editing. See you next year (probably)!

The duck and I ♥

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